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고려사이버대학교 미래교육원 로고

Curriculum Outline

Quick Korean is an open-course Korean language education
program accessible through the internet.
  • Free online Korean language learning program
  • Quick Korean is part of CUK’s mission to provide quality online education

Created by Korean language education expertsSpecialists in the fields of cultural anthropology and Korean language education created the program.


Free and easy accessAnyone can easily access our materials for free through our website and on mobile devices.


Multi-language supportQuick Korean is offered in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.


High-quality educational contentWe offer systematically designed educational courses on Korean language at various levels.

The Course Creators

1"Quick Korean" was developed by leading authorities on the Korean language.

Eunkyung Nam
  • Professor in the Division of Korean Language and Culture at CUK
  • Board member of the Society for Oriental Classics
  • Director of Information for International Korean Applied linguistics
Hyunhwa Kang
  • Professor in the Department of Korean Language and Korean Literature at Yonsei University
  • Vice President of the Korean Association of Foreign Language Education
  • Vice President of the Korean Grammar Education Circle
Jeongeun Kim
  • Professor in the Department of Practical Foreign Languages at CUK
  • Editorial Board member of the Association of Chinese Language in Korea
  • Board member of research at the International Association of Applied Linguistics for the Korean Language
Mijin Won
  • Professor in the Department of Korean Language and Korean
  • Literature at Yonsei University
  • Former Instructor for the Center for Korean Language Education at Seogang University
Kishim Nam
  • Former Chair Professor at CUK
  • Professor Emeritus of Yonsei University
  • Former Director of the National Institute of the Korean Language
Yumi Kim
  • Professor at the Institute of Language and Continuing Education at Kyung Hee University
  • Member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Multimedia Language Learning Center
  • Editorial Board member of the International Association of Applied Linguistics for the Korean Language

2"Quick Korean" was produced by The Cyber University of Korea (CUK), the leading online university in Korea. CUK is the leading online university in Korea with the most experience in developing on-line course content. Anyone who wishes to learn Korean via “Quick Korean” will enjoy a high-quality educational experience.

3"Quick Korean" was produced by The Cyber University of Korea (CUK) with an emphasis on accessibility: connect through your mobile phone or computer. "Quick Korean" can be accessed through a variety of technological devices—by mobile phone, tablet, personal computer, etc.

4"Quick Korean" is the kind of program that exemplifies the educational ideals of CUK, with its mission of providing "creativity and service" to Korean society and the world. CUK offers an online educational program with global reach. Only an online educational program can accommodate a large number of people, living in many places, who are interested in learning Korean.

The Curriculum

The "Quick Korean" course sequence is designed to teach the Korean language step by step, through 4 levels of difficulty.

We have designed our program so that at the completion of Level 4, students will be able to reach a 3.5 score on TOPIK, the Korean language proficiency exam.
The sequence is designed to bring learners up to a Level-4 knowledge of Korean grammar (as scaled by Korean textbooks and the TOPIK test) and a Level-3 knowledge of Korean vocabulary.
Learners wanting to expand their vocabulary further can consult the companion textbook.

LEVEL 1Covering the fundamentals of social interaction, instruction at this level includes basic communication related to daily activities, including greetings and the rudiments of conversation.

LEVEL 2The content at this level teaches learners how to carry on simple conversations in places like supermarkets and restaurants. Learners are also taught how to express their preferences and opinions about topics that interest them.

LEVEL 3Learners who complete this level would be able to communicate with Koreans in almost every social circumstance and would be able to carry on casual conversations about familiar topics such as work, hobbies, relationships, and family.

LEVEL 4Learners who finish this level of instruction would be able to talk freely and fluently on the topics listed at Level 3 and would even be able to speak at public gatherings.

The Curriculum
Level subject Section Language Subtitles
Korean Level1 15 sections * 2 times Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish Korean, English, Chinese
Korean Level2 15 sections * 2 times Korean Korean,English
Korean Level3 20 sections Korean Korean,English
Korean Level4 20 sections Korean Korean,English
3-Minute Korean 30 sections Korean English

Learning Quick Korean

Quick Korean can be accessed through YOUTUBE, NAVER TV, The Korea Times, YOUKU and CUK Future Education Center

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